How does your shopper behave?

Why did sales changes happen?

Who influenced your sales?

Where did sales changes happen?

Who is your shopper? Which consumer group is your “cash cow”?

Are you gaining or losing from switching between brands?

How does your shopper migrate between brands / segments / categories & chains?


BALTMI Baltic CPS panel answers these questions on weekly & monthly & quarterly, etc. basis.

It is therefore the most effective tracking & analytic tool for fast business insights and solutions.


We offer solutions to:

  • Track main KPIs
  • Understand shopper and consumer profiles
  • Evaluate sales value migration between brands / segments / categories
  • Assess shopper migration between brands / segments / categories & chains
  • Observe how brand shopper purchases competitor products
  • Monitor how shoppers migrate between price segments in retail
  • Evaluate category performance in competing chains & channels