BALTMI indexes for household expenses in June, 2017

Compared to May, average monthly expenses in all three Baltic countries in June changed differently. Average household expenses in Estonia and Latvia raised by approximately 2% to 506 EUR and 403 EUR respectively, while in Lithuania they fell by a little over 2% to 389 EUR.

These findings were observed from continuous BALTMI research on consumption by Lithuanian, Latvian, and Estonian households, as well as BALTMI household expenses indexes calculated every month.

Average expenses per visit in June increased in all three Baltic States. Average basket per purchase in Lithuania raised by almost 3% to 11.7 EUR. In Estonia and Latvia average basket changed more, and in both countries grew by 4.7% to 15.2 EUR and 10.5 EUR respectively. In the meantime, average visits per households in June decreased in all countries. In Lithuania the decrease was the highest – average visits fell by almost 5% to 33.2 visits. In Estonia and Latvia visits decreased by 2.3% and 2.5% to 33.4 and 38.3 visits respectively.

Compared to consumption indexes in May, the overall purchasing habits across Baltic States in June did not change. Estonia leads for average monthly expenses, whereas Latvian households purchase most often.

Average Monthly Expenses per Household evaluates expenses for food, drinks, non-food, tobacco products, medications, entertainment and petrol (expenses for utilities and services are not included). Average Expenses per Visit evaluate average purchase basket size.