For participants

Consumers are essential for a success in business. Majority of business decisions are influenced by the consumers – their behaviour, habits, attitudes, and values. For this reason it is crucial that manufacturers and retailers understand the consumers and their needs.

Your participation in the research study will enable our team to analyse the relationship between a consumer and manufacturer most accurately, and will influence the market for a more varied supply.

In exchange for your valuable participation, and hoping for further cooperation in the project, we have devised a motivational system:

  • For your active and constant participation you will receive cumulative bonus points. You will be able to exchange them into various gift cards, home appliances, household items, and other gifts.
  • You will receive additional points for an exceptionally active project participation.
  • Each year you will receive 40 days as a vacation leave from the project. During this period we will continue assigning cumulative points for your household.
  • In order to monitor household finances, we will provide you with an access to tools, allowing to prepare individual analysis on spending. You will be able to use these reports to further analyse your household budget, and plan finances.

If you are interested in an opportunity to participate in this research study, please contact our team at Our team will gladly provide you with more information about the project, as well as the details for participation.

If you already are a member of the household consumption panel, please login to the project website, where you will be able to register your daily purchases.